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- unlike any tones you have ever heard

We have compiled 100 of our best tones including Alerts, Vocal and Instrumental ringtones, Alarms and some Christmas tones as well in a "Black Friday Special Pack".

The tones are all produced to put a smile on your face and to make your phone stand out from the crowd when your phone rings or alerts you.

All the tones are available in both mp3 and m4r formats.

100 TONES FOR JUST $9.99

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Tones included in the Black Friday Pack

Alert Tones

  • Angry Little Hey You-Alert Tone
  • Backwards Bell-Alert Tone
  • Backwards Piano-Alert Tone
  • Baseball Organ-Alert Tone
  • BeBop Jazz-Alert Tone
  • C'est moi-Alert Tone
  • Celtic Groove-Alert Tone
  • Classical Piano-Alert Tone
  • Crying Baby-Alert Tone
  • Digital Program-Alert Tone
  • Echo Bell-Alert Tone
  • Excuse Me Madam-Alert Tone
  • Excuse Me Sir-Alert Tone
  • Jingles-Christmas Alert Tone
  • Kookaburra-Alert Tone
  • Little Synth-Alert Tone
  • Loud Chewing-Alert Tone
  • Piano Trill-Alert Tone
  • Popping-Alert Tone
  • Scream-Alert Tone
  • Squeaky Toy-Alert Tone
  • Thump-Alert Tone
  • Ticking Marimba-Alert Tone
  • Toy Train-Alert Tone
  • Video Game Effect 1-Alert Tone

Christmas Tones

  • A Child is Born
  • Bells Bells Bells
  • Christmas Jazz
  • Christmas Kids
  • Ho Ho Ho
  • Holiday Bells
  • Sassy Santa
  • SugarPlums
  • Tiny Drums
  • We wish

Instrumental Tones

  • Alert 1
  • Backwards Chimes
  • Baroque Piano.mp3
  • Best Slap Bass Guitar Ringtone
  • Big Beat
  • Bossa Nova Tone
  • Celtic Groove
  • CEO Ringtone
  • Classic 8 Bit Arcade Song
  • DubStep Wobble Ringtone
  • Green Tone
  • Hello Marimba Ringtone
  • Horns Honking
  • Jumpy Piano
  • Kookaburra
  • Marimba Meets Dubstep Ringtone
  • Silent Ringtone
  • Up and down ringtone
  • Very Soothing Tone
  • Whistle

Alarm Tones

  • Alarm from the Future
  • Alert
  • Apple Seed
  • Chiming In
  • Cinematic Alert
  • Computerific
  • Digital Melody
  • Digital Morning
  • Edgy Alert
  • Groovy Alarm
  • Its Time
  • Loud Clock alarm
  • Make A Move
  • Musical Bells
  • New Cell Phone Sound
  • Quietly Ringing
  • Rolling Piano
  • Soft Ambience
  • Space Chords
  • Standard Phone Ring
  • Tick Tock
  • Tubular Alert
  • Uh Oh
  • Wake Up or I'll Scream
  • Warning Robot

Vocal Tones

  • Barbershop
  • Baseball Announcer
  • Bubblegum BoyBand
  • Bueno
  • Car Alarm
  • Crazy Redneck Banjo
  • Criticizing Robot
  • Deep Voice
  • Ding Dong Song
  • Dude
  • Fab Ringtone 1
  • Gameshow Announcer
  • Giant Announcer
  • Hey Wait A Minute Don't Hang Up
  • Laughing Baby Ringtone
  • Nǐ hǎo
  • Old Skool Ringtone
  • Pick up Or I'll Scream
  • Ringtone Blues
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

  • Each of the tones can be bought individually in the iTunes Store and the Googe Play Store - just search for the name of the tone or "RingtoneFeeder" for the complete list.