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Special features

When buying content on CD or DVD we have come to expect bonus material as part of the deal - such Special features often include deleted scenes, exclusive sound tracks, bloopers, wallpapers and many other goodies.

Special features sections will all be listed here

Although we have no intention using CD or DVD to distribute our content, you should not be missing out on the Special features you have come to expect and love - but the difference here is that we will be adding new stuff all the time and you do not even have to buy anything to access it.

When adding new content to the Special features section and other areas of the site for that matter we will be announcing it on our blog and sometimes also on Twitter when Geoff is jamming live in the studio for example.

Make sure you follow Geoff on Twitter so you can join in on the live sessions and you should probably also follow RingtoneFeeder on Twitter to get the latest news and announcements (we promise we will not be spamming you).

Recorded sessions

Geoff jamming on USTREAM on May 24th 2008