How does it work?

Visit from your smartphone and we will automatically redirect you to iTunes or Google Play.

Alternatively you can just search for "RingtoneFeeder" or "TonePacks"" in iTunes or Google Play

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What happened to the subscription service?

About RingtoneFeeder

This project was initiated through a very interesting discussion on iChat between the two founders - Geoff and Klaus. It was concluded that quality ringtones specifically for the iPhone are not widely available and that most ringtones out there were not made to be ringtones in the first place but instead such tones are usually created from existing songs or sounds which are often not taking the mobile speaker abilities into consideration.

What is so different?

First of all we took it upon ourselves to produce original ringtones specifically optimized for the iPhone initially (this may be expanded to other handsets in the near future). Producing optimized ringtones for the iPhone is a bit of science in itself and we have spent considerable time in our studio to identify not only specific instruments but also testing each and every ringtone production to make sure that the tones are within a by us well defined sound spectrum ensuring the ringtones sounds great when the iPhone starts ringing.

How do I get them?

Just vistit from your smartphone and you will be redirected to iTunes or Google Play.

Geoff Smith

Geoff Smith
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Most of you probably know Geoff from his jingles heard on Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code Podcast,, Radio Lingua Network, Tips from The Top Floor, ScreenCasts Online, the successful iYule project and lately the theme song for TWiT Live with Leo Laporte.

Geoff began composing jingles and theme songs for podcasters back in 2005 and has written hundreds and hundreds and the list keeps growing.

Geoff is currently the keyboard player for the Nashville based power pop band, Codaphonic as well as the bassist and lead singer in the Chicago based Police Tribute Band, One World. Geoff was also the guy who wrote Digg the Code, which got massive acclaim when Cali Lewis made a cult music video of the song during the Digg the Code and HDDVD controversy.

"Digg the Code" music video

"Digg the Code" music and lyrics by Geoff Smith. Video by Cali Lewis, also features Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht from

"Hello, hello" iPhone launch June 29, 2007

"Hello, hello" music and lyrics by Geoff Smith. The video was produced by and features Cali Lewis buying iPhones.

Geoff has been an Entertainment Director of the Dueling Pianos Big Bang Piano Bars for several years now and has also worked as an engineer and producer at Studio East in Charlotte, NC.

Geoff is an original artist and you can find out all about his own band and his work in new media at

If you want more of Geoff's music you can get his albums over at iTunes

Klaus Lovgreen

Klaus Lovgreen
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Klaus has great passion for the internet, innovative business, content delivery, music, coding, gadgets, geeky stuff, obviously some really cool ringtones for the iPhone.

To make use of his experience he established evershift to first of all provide comprehensive media, online strategies and business development for companies and individuals alike.

Secondly, evershift will serve as a vehicle to make direct investments into disruptive ideas and existing revenue generating businesses across industries but ideally companies with a strong online component where Klaus can potentially add some value over and above investing.

In 2014 he founded GivingTales which are short stories for kids written by Hans Christian Andersen and read by some of the best voices of our time including Sir Roger Moore, Stephen Fry, Ewan McGregor, Dame Joan Colllins, Joanna Lumley and more to come.