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Klaus Lovgreen

Klaus Lovgreen
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Klaus moved to the United Arab Emirates in 1992. In 1996 he initiated AME Info with a view to enhance communication for business in the region.

Under his management, AME Info became the leading provider of business and financial information in and about the Middle East.

In March 2005, HSBC Private Equity Middle East Ltd. acquired a significant equity stake in AME Info FZ LLC and in July 2006, London-based Emap plc (EMA.L) announced that Emap Communications, its business-to-business (B2B) division, acquired AME Info.

Klaus has great passion for the internet, innovative business, content delivery, music, coding, gadgets, geeky stuff, obviously some really cool iPhone ringtones as well as the secret mosquito ringtone

To make use of his experience he established evershift in 2011 to first of all provide comprehensive media, online strategies and business development for companies and individuals alike.

Secondly, evershift will serve as a vehicle to make direct investments into disruptive ideas and existing revenue generating businesses across industries but ideally companies with a strong online component where I can potentially add some value over and above investing.