How does it work?

Visit from your smartphone and we will automatically redirect you to iTunes or Google Play.

Alternatively you can just search for "RingtoneFeeder" or "TonePacks"" in iTunes or Google Play

Search for RingtoneFeeder in the iTunes app on your iPhone  Search for RingtoneFeeder in Google Play on your Android device

What happened to the subscription service?

Android Ringtones

RingtoneFeeder is also avilable in the Android Market
24 unique Christmas Ringtones available in 2 versions.

Android ringtones

Your ringtone is the most basic and common way of customising your phone to better suit you.

The ringtone packs are all availble in MP3 format and we are working on making all our tones available for Android soon. You can select default ringtones on your Android phone from:

Settings > Sound > Incoming calls : Phone ringtone

The default tunes are often just simple OGG music files and stored in your internal storage

Moving new files to that folder isn’t possible on all phones, and if you have many ringtones it would quickly consume your precious internal storage. For more than a few rigngtones we recommend you store your ringtones on an SD card and you can use the following directory structure \media\audio\ringtones

You may need to create the ringtones, audio, and even media folder which you can do through Android itself by using a file manager like ASTRO or by plugging it your phone into your computer, mounting the SD card as a drive, and using your desktop computer to create the folder structure.

Once you are done and have un-zipped the ringtone pack just copy the MP3 files to the new \ringtones\ folder on the SD card

Once you’ve copied the ringtones, go back to Settings > Sound > Incoming calls: Phone ringtone - and look for it. It should have the name of the ringtone but might be the name of the file.

As soon as you select it the tone will start paying. That's it - your RingtoneFeeder ringtone is set!