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iPhone Alarm Sounds

iPhone alarm tone pack

Are you bored of the standard iPhone alarm clock? Do you wish you could get some different iphone alarm sounds to get you up and going in the morning? Why not get our iPhone alarm tones packs?

iPhone Alarm Tones Pack

We have a dedicated pack of 25 great iPhone Alarm tones which are all written and produced by Geoff Smith designed to sound great on your phone.

The iPhone alarm clock tones are ideal for meeting alerts, waking up or any kind of reminders that use a tone to get your attention.

Even if you do not have an iPhone these i phone alarm tones will work with most other modern mobile devices as you will receive a single zip file with all the tones in 3 different formats:

  • m4r iPhone

  • wav often used by Windows based phones

  • mp3 Many phone models support ringtones that are mp3 format

Existing registered users:
If you are already a registered user, simply log in to the Members Section and select the "iPhone Alarm Pack" from the Add/Renew subscription area otherwise just click the button below to register and buy the Alarm Pack - you do not have to be a RingtoneFeeder subscriber to buy the Alarm Pack.

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Introduction video with samples

To use the tones on an iPhone, simply drag the m4r files to iTunes and sync your iPhone and then select the tone you want for the specific alarms. If you are not using an iPhone, please consult your manual as to how you install the tones on your specific mobile phone and ensure compatibility before making a purchase.

Titles of the 25 alarm tones

  • 01. Alarm from the future
  • 02. Alert
  • 03. Apple seed
  • 04. Chiming in
  • 05. Cinematic Alert
  • 06. Computerific
  • 07. Digital melody
  • 08. Digital morning
  • 09. Edgy alert
  • 10. Groovy alarm
  • 11. It's time
  • 12. Loud clock alarm
  • 13. Make a move
  • 14. Musical bells
  • 15. New cell phone sound
  • 16. Quietly ringing
  • 17. Rolling piano
  • 18. Soft ambience
  • 19. Space chords
  • 20. Standard phone ring
  • 21. Tick tock
  • 22. Tubular alert
  • 23. Uh oh
  • 24. Wake up or I'll scream
  • 25. Warning robot

Check back for new iPhone alarm sound packs being added regularly!